Even the most experienced drivers face some degree of stress when driving in the rain. The low visibility, combined with the uncertainty of other drivers movements on the road, can definitely make the journey slightly more cumbersome. Here are some tips to help you navigate the rains safely. 

1. Drive slow

You may have heard of this tip before, which only goes to show how important it is. When you drive on wet surfaces, it affects your cars braking and handling capabilities. You are more likely to lose control in the...continue reading

Buying a used car does come with its own set of advantages such as cheaper prices, low insurance premiums, lower customization charges, and more. Yet, there are some risks involved when you opt to buy a used car. Read on to know the top red flags you should be aware of in a used cars history.

1. Missing registration years

If the used car youre looking at does not have any recent registration details, its likely that the car has some damage that hasnt been put down on paper. In such a situation, its better to cross-check...continue reading

With more and more people in the USA buying used cars over the last few years, its no surprise that dealers around the country are taking the used car market more seriously than ever before. However, as a buyer, you should still be able to inspect a used car to tell whether its in the right condition or not. If you live in Holmdel, Old Bridge, or Marlboro, visit us at Sansone Jrs EZ Auto in Keyport NJ for a diverse selection of used cars. Use the following tips and tricks to inspect the car you want to buy like a...continue reading

When Nissan rolled out the Maxima for the first time in 1988, it was quick to advertise it as a sports car. However, in reality, the Maxima was really just a family sedan that looked more sporty than other stereotypical cars in its class. The modern-day Maxima, in both its 2019 and 2020 avatars, doesnt stray too far from its roots, and in this review, well check out how the Platinum trim of the 2020 Maxima fares against its predecessor.

For a closer look at both the 2020 and 2019 Nissan Maxima 3.5 Platinum, visit...continue reading

Sansone Jrs EZ Auto in Keyport, NJ, understands how important it is to get your car summer-ready before the warm weather rolls around. The Keyport NJ auto dealer also serves customers from the cities of Marlboro, Holmdel, and Old Bridge. Easy auto can help professionally summer-proof your car. Our experts at Sansone Auto discuss below some of the steps generally taken at Jr Auto to get cars prepared for the heat and scorch of Summer.

Running a Battery Check We run a thorough examination of your cars battery and review...continue reading