DigniFi Finance is an online platform and founded in 2013. The idea was to help every driver get help for repairs and related services. Currently, 5000+ repair service centers accept DigniFi funds to help customers stay safe on the road.

How DigniFi Lending Works

DigniFi Finance was started with the idea of helping consumers with money for vehicle repairs. Accidents do happen and not everyone has the money for immediate repairs. Instead of using credit cards to pay, consumers can now fill out an online application....continue reading

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on lives across the globe and continues to do so. Good hygiene and disinfecting exposed surfaces have helped in keeping the virus at bay. Scientists have confirmed that the coronavirus survives for a long time on every surface. The only way to stay safe is to disinfect. While the focus has been on personal hygiene and home/business space disinfection, cleaning vehicles hasn't received much attention. Since the virus is here to stay for a while, there are guidelines...continue reading

Every modern vehicle is a complex machine. Current vehicles on the market have over 20 computerized modules, which are linked to sensors. These sensors in turn, have indicators (symbols) on the dashboard. If you see any symbol light up on the dashboard, it means that there is a problem with the vehicle.

Dashboard warnings are indicated by different colors - green, blue, red, and yellow. The most serious problems like an overheating engine show up red. Yellow means imminent trouble. Green and blue lights indicate...continue reading

Do you ever wonder what you would do if you had a flat tire in a place where help is not available? 20% or more of drivers in the US do not know how to change a tire replace a flat with the spare tire from the trunk. Even for those who know how it is not as natural as parking or filling up the tank. If you want to learn how to or need a refresher on the steps to replace a flat tire, you can visit Sansone Jr.s EZ Auto.

Steps for Changing a Flat Tire

1.      Parking in a safe place: Once you figure out that...continue reading

We all know about oil changes and why it is important to get it done regularly. What does it do for your vehicle? Why is a regular change stressed so much? Basically, engine oil lubricates the engine and keeps it running smoothly. An engine that runs well cools effectively, protects parts from corrosion, and results in lower emissions. Now about engine oil color.

Why Engine Oil Color is Important

New engine oil is amber and changes color with time and use. It is a good indicator of the engines condition. Additives...continue reading