Yellow Kia Seltos parked in a desert scenery on a sunny day

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Cars have always been investments, especially new cars. But in the year 2021, that investment has become pricier than ever before. This is due to a global shortage of necessary components needed to manufacture cars. The decrease in the supply of components has led to a decrease in the supply of cars as well. However, demand has kept pace as before. Now, there is more demand than there is a supply of cars.

That means that more people are now turning to used cars instead. And buying used vehicles in 2021...continue reading

Red 2022 Mazda CX-3 parked on a city street

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An SUV is the ultimate family car. With its large number of inbuilt safety features and roomy interiors, this durable four-wheel drive is a classic that never goes out of style. Face it, if you've got a big brood, you need a big car and the SUV fits the bill perfectly. If you are looking for your next SUV purchase, consider buying a used SUV model. Below, we've made a list of the 10 best-used SUVs to get you started. The list is not exhaustive or in any particular order but should give you a good starting...continue reading

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Gas Mileage is an important component when deciding whether or not to buy a car. The more miles your car has run, the lower its mileage and consequently lower its resale value. Aside from resale value, poor gas mileage will just make a dent in your monthly fuel budget. And there's also the obvious eco-friendly factor. All in all, it's worth it to spend some time comparing cars for the most fuel-efficient option before making a purchase decision. Read on as we detail the cars with the best gas mileage...continue reading

Close up view of a 2022 Kia Soul Engine

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A car is a major life investment. But many people are completely unaware of the work required to keep a vehicle in shape. The fact is that a car with issues isn't just an aesthetic concern, it can potentially be life-threatening. Not to mention, the destruction may be irreversible or exorbitantly expensive to correct. Read on as we detail 5 common warning signs which warrant an immediate visit to the mechanic or car service center. Make sure to keep a lookout for all these.

Unexplained Sounds

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Getting your car's oil changed at regular intervals keeps your engine running smoothly and increases your car's longevity. If you don't get your car's oil changed, you'll soon begin to notice problems. These include exhaust coming out from the tailpipe, noises from the engine, needing to spend more on gas, etc.

Your car's motor oil has several important roles to perform. It lubricates the engine and keeps it running efficiently, playing a core part in the combustion cycle. It keeps the engine cool. And finally, it's also responsible...continue reading