Why Spring Is The Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

Springtime is here, which means you have to take care of all the cobwebs and messes accumulated in the colder season. Your car is a regular part of your maintenance checkup, and now is the best time to prepare it for the hotter months.

Why Should You Change Your Air Filter In Spring?

During springtime, the air filter works overtime to filter all the pollen and additional dust enveloping the air. Changing the filter before spring comes ensures that your car continues to work properly. Otherwise, your vehicle can be slowed down a lot, and particle-filled air can easily enter the cabin, making it difficult for you to breathe as well.

When Should You Change The Air Filters?

Knowing when to change your air filter is equally important. You shouldn’t change your filters just because it’s the advent of warmer weather. Replacing the air filters without checking the condition of the previous ones will only result in unnecessary expenses.

On average, you should change the filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. Your car receives Enough Unfiltered Air By This Time.

Signs To Look Out For

Your car exhibits several signs when the air filters need to be changed. This includes:

  • A decrease in the fuel economy: When the engine receives unclean air, fuel in your car cannot burn properly. This results in a decreasing fuel economy.
  • Ignition issues: Dust and particulate matter in the engine cause it to malfunction or misfire. If your car makes noises while idling, does not start properly, or makes unusual noises while accelerating, you should examine the air filter.
  • Visual inspection: A visual inspection is the best judge on the condition of your car's filters. If the filters are grey, almost bordering on black, then you need to change them immediately. The white or off-white color indicates that your air filter can still be used.

Spring upkeep is important for the health of your car. Schedule maintenance at regular intervals in our Keyport, NJ dealership to prevent minor issues from escalating. If you live in the cities of Holmdel, Marlboro, and Old Bridge, we are a short drive away.