What's the Difference Between FWD and AWD?

A drivetrain is a mechanism that allows for the transmission of power to the wheels. Cars can have either two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive. Two-wheel-drives send power to either the front two axles or the rear axles. On the other hand, four-wheel-drives channel power to all the axles as and when needed. 

The main difference between a two-wheel-drive and a four-wheel-drive is in how flexibly you can navigate. But the price differences between the two can make the benefits of each kind of drive quite relevant before you buy a used or new car in Keyport, New Jersey. 

What Is A Front-Wheel-Drive?

Front-wheel-drives (FWD) equip the drivetrain in the front, which ‘pulls’ the vehicle forward. This also creates a problem that’s common among four-wheel-drive variants – the over and under steers. Basically, this means that driving a four-wheel-drive is more difficult when compared to an all-wheel-drive since your car only powers the front axles. 

What Is An All-Wheel-Drive?

All-wheel-drives (AWD), on the other hand, can power all the four wheels on the car. A model with AWD will usually power only one set of axles. However, if any need for changing or rotating the axles is detected, it will automatically power the other axle as well, giving you better control in rugged terrain or volatile weather conditions. 

Comparing FWD To AWD

The better performance of an AWD also makes it much more expensive than a FWD car. However, you may not need to buy a car that has a more expensive AWD system. Since FWD versions are cheaper to manufacture, they are common in many. FWD cars are perfect for mountainous terrains, driving on hills, or cruising through slippery roads. Unless you specifically need to invest in an AWD, which is slowly becoming more common as manufacturers learn how to make more accessible variations, an FWD can stand its ground against an AWD. 

An AWD, however, has certain functionalities that set it apart from FWDs. Aside from smooth and fluid navigation through the steering wheel, AWDs are perfect for drives through changing grounds, inclement weather, and off-road trails. The AWD mechanism gives amazing traction when you accelerate too. 

If you live in Keyport or in the nearby localities of Marlboro, Old Bridge, or Holmdel in New Jersey, come to any dealership in Keyport to test-drive four-wheelers with FWD and AWD to feel the difference yourself.