Can I Get an Extended Warranty on a Used Vehicle?

Are you planning to purchase a used car in Keyport, NJ? Buying a car is a significant investment, you'll want to consider multiple points before you actually go on to make a well-informed decision. These factors include the quality of the parts, the price, and the warranty details.

If you're looking for some insights into an extended warranty for a pre-owned car in Old Bridge, Marlboro, or Holmdel, then you're at the right place. Let's go over this in detail.

What is an extended warranty?

Whether you're buying a new car or a used model, it only makes sense that you want to minimize the money spent on the service and maintenance of the vehicle. An extended warranty is a plan that you can buy that would cover some of the repair costs of your car later. While most extended warranties are purchased after the original (manufacturer's) warranty expires, some work with an overlap warranty period. 

Can I buy an extended warranty for a used car in Old Bridge?

Yes, you can. However, before you make this purchase, be aware of the pros, cons, coverage, and pricing details of the extended warranty.

What are the pros of an extended warranty?

One of the most crucial advantages of this warranty is that you needn't burn a hole in your pocket in the case of future vehicle repairs. Rather than paying the entire bill amount, you'd only be expected to cover the deductible (if there's one), and the provider who issued the warranty would take care of the rest.

What are the cons of an extended warranty?

Most people who acquire extended warranties for their used cars do not end up utilizing the service, rendering it a waste of money. Apart from this, it's important to note that most extended warranties don't cover all repairs and service requirements. You might end up shedding funds on patches even if you have an extended warranty.

In conclusion, while it's very much possible to get an extended warranty for your used vehicle, it's necessary to go over your needs and budget before you purchase one.