Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Engine oil is a necessary component of every car in Marlboro, NJ. It lubricates all the parts to help them move smoothly. Whether you have a lawnmower, generator, motorcycle, or car, every internal combustion engine needs oil to function. 

But over time, this critical fluid loses its efficiency and must, therefore, be replaced. Your vehicle will display several signs that indicate that the oil needs to be topped off.

Top 4 Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

1. Dirty or Dark Oil
Fresh motor oil has a bright amber color. Once this oil gets contaminated with residue particles from the engine, it turns to a blackish color. Make it a habit to check the oil of your car on a routine basis. Take the oil dipstick and check its color. You may also try wiping the dipstick’s end on a towel to get a clearer result. If the oil appears black or dark brown in color, it’s time for replenishment.

2. Tapping, Ticking Sounds
If you reside in a cold area, you might be accustomed to vapor coming out from the tailpipe. But if you notice grey or blue smoke, you’ve likely got an oil leak. This is also accompanied by a burnt oil smell. Remember that the smoke is a consequence of insufficient quantities of oil to lubricate the engine's components. Get this looked at immediately.

3. Burnt Oil Smell
In case you smell burnt oil in the cabin of your car, you likely have an issue with the engine oil. There is likely an oil leak that's causing the oil to drop onto hot engine parts. The oil will eventually run out and cause an overheated engine. You must address the leak right away.

4. Overheating
If you’ve forgotten to change the engine oil in a while, you might not have enough left. This means it’s not doing an efficient job at lubricating all the components in the engine. You can expect the engine's internal temperatures to skyrocket, which is a serious concern.

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