Simple Tips For Protecting Your Vehicle In The Summer


Summer can endure being a testing time for cars. The unrelenting summer heat can damage the interior and tires. Additionally, prolonged exposure to heat on a regular basis can cause the battery to lose power. 

To eliminate the inconvenience and extend the service life of your vehicle, you need to indicate it some love during summer. In this article, are some tips that you can follow to take good care of your prized possession during summer.

1. Check the coolant level at regular intervals. 

The coolant carries out a significant role in maintaining the optimal temperature. To ensure your car works the way it should during summer, inspect the coolant reservoir and hoses for leaks. Squeeze the hoses to make sure they feel firm, and in case they seem excessively squishy, talk to a mechanic in Keyport immediately. 

2. Top up essential fluids

Like humans, automobiles too can lose fluids during summer. To avoid performance issues, remember to check the brake oil, windshield-washer fluids, and power steering fluids regularly. Take a good look at your engine oil as heat often burns through oil. Even if your car has partly burnt oil, get it replaced with a more heat-resistant grade.

3. Get your air conditioning system checked

The summer heat collects a toll on your air conditioning system. To eliminate the inconvenience of having to maneuver your car without a functional AC, top up your compressor oil regularly. When inspecting the AC unit, watch out for and fix coolant leaks. Get rid of dust and dirt, if any, that has accumulated around the system.

4. Tighten your engine belts 

Examine the belt that runs between various components of your car, including the alternator and fan. Make sure the belt possesses the recommended amount of tension and is in a serviceable condition. If you detect cracks developing or notice slight pieces missing, you need the belt changed immediately. 

5. Show some love to your tires 

Maintaining the optimum tire pressure should top your priority list during summer. Get your tires checked at frequent intervals and make sure that the treads are free of stones and nails. Your treads, in addition, shouldn't have any cracks and uneven wear. 

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