Tips On Getting the MOST Out of Your Trade-In

Do you desire to trade-in your car in Keyport? If yes, you should definitely consider how to get the MOST out of your trade-in. Frequently, car owners with limited knowledge about their vehicle’s worth are taken for a ride by companies.

Sansone Jr's EZ Auto's Vehicle Trade-In Tips

In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the things you should do, before you trade-in your car in New Jersey. 

  • Find Out The Most Reasonable Trade-In Price
First, research online to find out how much your car is worth in a trade-in. You should consider the make & model, its mileage, insurance, and other factors. You can even speak to dealerships around Holmdel, Marlboro, or Old Bridge to find out what the trade-in value is there. 

  • Prepare Your Car To Be Trade-In Ready
Indeed, the smallest of scratches and dents can reduce the trade-in value of your car. Have these fixed before you take it to your car dealer in Keyport. 

  • Find Out If Any Offers Are Available
A few dealerships offer massive discounts and trade-in promotions to buyers at select times of the year. Call and request dealers if they’re running any offer before you approach them for negotiations. 

  • Settle On The Trade-In Price Before You Negotiate New Car Payments
Many dealerships tend to merge the trade-in price with the price of the new car when quoting their final figure. This allows them to offer the most reasonable trade-in price during the sale. You will be at the losing end if this happens to you. Ask your dealership in Keyport to give you the quote for the trade-in price and the quote for the new car separately.

  • Walk Away If You’re Unhappy With Your Terms
It doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent negotiating with a dealer. If you’re displeased with their quote, walk away and find a new dealer. At Sansone Jr's EZ Auto, we offer extremely competitive terms & quotes for all trade-ins. Visit us for more information.

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