Preparing Your Car for Summer

Sansone Jr’s EZ Auto in Keyport, NJ, understands how important it is to get your car summer-ready before the warm weather rolls around. The Keyport NJ auto dealer also serves customers from the cities of Marlboro, Holmdel, and Old Bridge. Easy auto can help professionally summer-proof your car. Our experts at Sansone Auto discuss below some of the steps generally taken at Jr Auto to get cars prepared for the heat and scorch of Summer.

Running a Battery Check – We run a thorough examination of your car’s battery and review whether they are able to hold charge appropriately or require replacement. If there’s any corrosive buildup on the battery terminals, we remove this with an abrasive brush. Batteries that are more than a handful of years old usually find it difficult to hold a charge.

Checking Whether Your Vehicle’s Cooling System is Functioning Adequately – Overheating is the most common reason behind the breakdown of cars in Summer. Generally, it is recommended that your car’s cooling system be flushed out entirely and refilled every 2 years. We make it a point to check the condition, level, and concentration of the coolant used in your car’s cooling system. We also check the clamps, hoses, and the tightness and condition of your drive belts. 

Reviewing the Operational Quality of Your Car’s Air Conditioning – Sometimes, a car’s air conditioner can give away after prolonged usage in Summer. That’s the last thing you could want. If you notice that the vents of the air condition system in your car are not blowing out cold air as they are intended to, you may need to invest in a system recharge. When you bring your car to us for readying it for Summer, we usually check for any leaks from your air conditioning as well as examining how well your vehicle’s air condition system is working.

It is important that you get these checks and reviews done before the warmth kicks in. The months of June, July, and August can be incredibly harsh on your vehicle’s overall health, and summer-proofing is an exercise all vehicle owners should consider. It will keep your car in optimal functioning condition even during the long warm days of Summer.

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Source: Pexels